Author of Historical Erotica

About the Author

Aspiring Author – Historical/Paranormal/Erotica

Born and raised in the great state of Texas just outside of Houston, I grew up with wide open spaces and free reign to express myself. Always a “good girl”, I had a penchant for trouble. With that comes plenty of entertaining tales and a brassy attitude.

After high school. I received a degree in Music & Video Business. Locally, I managed rock bands, booked clubs, wrote reviews for a music rag, ran lights and video for a cable show, and worked promotions for various organizations. Meantime, I carried on a real (i.e. “paying”) job. I gave my lifeblood in the aftermarket car industry for 10 years conducting every aspect of customer service and logistics known to man.

A husband, daughter, 3 cats and 2 tattoos later, I went back to school – a career student, of sorts, earning another degree. Somewhere in my pursuit of a Masters in history, I took a creative writing course. It was a thrill to write and share my stories, which often were darker than a cemetery at midnight. My professor suggested I pursue writing a novel. I don’t imagine he meant for me to quit school, but I did just that.

I seriously began writing in January 2007, finishing my first manuscript 7 months later. It just so happened that manuscript, UPON A MOONLIT SEA,  garnered me a coveted spot among the 2009 Golden Heart finalists. Thus began my “Romancing the Pirate” series.

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